Introducing yourself in Arabic language.

مَا اسْمُك؟

What is your name?

اسْمِيْ أحْمَد

My name is Ahmad.

كَمْ عُمْرَك؟
How old are you?

عُمْرِي ثَلاثُوْن عَاما
My age is 30 years old.


مِنْ أيْنَ أنْتَ؟
Where are you from?

.أنا مِنْ إنْدُونِيْسِيَا
I am from Indonesia.


أيْنَ تَعِيْشُ؟
Where do you live?

.أنا أعِيْشُ في جَاكَرْتا
I live in Jakarta.

مَا مِهْنَتُك؟
What is your profession?


.أنا أعْمَل مُهَنْدِسًا
I am working as an engineer.

ما هو وَضعُك الْعَائِلي؟
What is your marital (family) status

.أنا مُتَزَوِّج
I am married.

كَمْ طِفْلَا لَدَيْك؟
How many children do you have?

.لَدَيَ ابْنَةُ وَاحِدَة
I have one daughter.

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