Learn how to say, "I prefer" in the Arabic language.


How to say, ” I prefer” in the Arabic language أفَضَّلُ – ufadilu. This verb is conjugated with the first person pronoun أنا .

Examples of some conjugations with pronouns

  • i prefer : أَنا أُفَضِّلُ
  • we prefer : نَحْن نُفَضِّلُ
  • he prefer : هُوَ يُفَضِّلُ
  • she prefer : هِي تُفَضَّلُ
  • you prefer(male) : أنتَ تُفَضِّلُ
  • you prefer( female) : أَنْتِ تُفَضَّلِين

Here are some examples of this verb with translation


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