The most common expressions in Arabic Language.

In this post, we have compiled the most common expressions in the Arabic Language.

How to say good morning? There are a lot of ways to say good morning in Arabic.

Ways to say good evening


How to say welcome in Arabic

The most common greeting in Arabic language السلام عليكم


How to say How are you.كيف حالك


How to apologies in Arabic

What is the meaning of ما شاء الله


The meaning of جزاك الله خيرا An Islamic phrase used to express thanks.


To wish success to people we say وفقك الله it means my Allah grant you success.


This phrase “تقبل الله منك صالح الأعمال “is said to someone when he doing good

To express about you love to your brother friend etc we أحبك في الله it is an Islamic phrase


We say this phrases to someone is going to have a meal “بالهناء والشفاء


This phrase “نعيما” is said to someone who has had haircut or a shave or a shower


A phrase to congratulate a married couple on their marriage بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما وجمع بينكما في خير

Another way of saying thank you بَارَكِ الله فِيك

Playlist of some of the common Arabic expressions that we have recorded to date.

Image Credit: Freepik

listen to all these expressions on our YouTube channel.

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